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Related article: Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2010 14:24:31 -0700 (PDT)
From: Rob Hoek
Subject: Family Vacation (3)Family Vacation
(3) Robby couldn't be certain, but he could have sworn he had caught a brief
glimpse of what had looked a whole bunch like a smirk on his Dad's face
right about the time he had pumped a load of cum into his shorts as Shelby
continued to rub his hard cock seconds ago. As his heart rate continued to
slow he studied his Dad as best he could from the back seat, but now his
expression was one of total concentration on his driving. Shit, thought
Robby, no way he could have figured out what he and his little Sister had
been up to, if he had any clue he would have by now skidded to a stop and
whipped Robby's young ass for fucking around like that with eleven year old
Shelby...wouldn't he? Robby continued watching his Dad for loli image boards sandra any kind of sign that all was not
normal, and he glanced a time or two at his sleeping Mom as well, and after
a few seconds he had pretty much decided that the parents were clueless to
the fact Shelby had just jerked him off as they rode along quietly. Some
doubt still tugged at the corner of Robby's mind because there was no
mistaking the distinct aroma of fresh cum circulating along with the car
air conditioning, but Dad seemed to not notice it, at least not yet. He
verified that Lynn was still snoozing, and then he shifted his attentions
back to his Sister who was stirring around as she repositioned her lithe
little body on the seat before stretching out as best she could in the
cramped space, and then she dropped her head into his lap. Her shapely bare
legs extended out over the stack of stuff that was piled on the seat
corner, and the filmy little tee shirt she was wearing rode high, exposing
a good bit of soft, smooth tummy. Robby let his hungry gaze drift over her
slender body, his dick stirring once again from the delicious sight of her
exposed skin and the weight of her head pressed into it. He was sure that
she must have felt the dampness of his copious discharge on his shorts, and
that she totally had to be smelling it, but apparently she was fine with it
since she seemed to settle right in. His eyes went to the swollen buds of her developing tits where the
tightly stretched tee shirt was pulled across the tempting little mounds,
and his cock went fully stiff as he focused in on the twin points her
distended nipples were making in the thin fabric. Without really thinking
about it, he brought his hand over, and gently let it rest on the amazingly
soft skin of her bare tummy, and she sucked in a breath at his touch, her
brilliant blue eyes fluttering open as she looked at him, and smiled
sweetly. Nervously, Robby rubbed her tummy back and forth, his loli image boards sandra nerves
reeling at her silky softness as his eyes drilled into her swollen nipples
and tiny tits, and understanding flashed over Shelby's smiling face. Robby
lifted his eyebrows in question, every fiber of his young body wanting
desperately to move up and explore those delicious little tits but he
didn't want to startle her, and cause her to make some attention drawing
sound. She nodded her head, the movement causing his erection to throb, and
she winked as she silently mouthed, "I can feel it...all hard again!" He felt himself blush at the unspoken comment, and then he grinned, and
nodded in affirmation of her remark, and then he let his wandering hand
inch upward over her softness until his trembling fingers flicked at her
left nipple. His first thought was surprise at how stiff it felt, and how
large it was, much like a pencil eraser when it was brand new, and
stiff. He worked his finger around the protrusion, kind of teasing at it,
and Shelby thrust her chest against his hand until he opened it, and then
closed it over the small and pillow-like swell of her little breast. A
loud, soft sigh escaped from her, and he began gently massaging the firm
bump, his fingers digging in gently as she mewed softly. Robby's rapidly
mounting excitement with actually touching his Sister this way caused him
to forget for the moment that his parents were a scant two feet away, and
he eagerly grabbed at the hem of Shelby's bunched up tee so that he might
push it up under her chin and bare the magnificent little girl tits, and
nipples he was dying to see, and to feel bare under his hands. Shelby arched her back in an attempt to help his cause, and the added
pressure from her head against his aching cock nearly made him shoot
another load. One more push upward, and there, in all their radiant glory
stood his little Sisters beautiful little tits. Unable to stop himself,
Robby let out a groan, and Dave seized upon the audible clue to glance into
his mirror. He couldn't actually see much of what might be going on back
there, but the awe-struck expression on Robby's flushed face told him most
of what he needed to know. He choked back a chuckle, knowing full well that
his Son must be on the verge of filling his shorts once more as he stared
in absolute lust at either his baby Sisters little tits, or her sweet young
pussy, or even both. The expression was unmistakable, and Dave was all too
aware that his own face would look much the same when he finally got his
turn to view whatever it was that Robby was literally drooling over at this
very moment. Not wanting to do anything to spook the kids into stopping
their fun, he forced his attention back to the road and tried his best to
look relaxed, and normal. Robby was in full-on "forget the parents" mode as he now used both of
his hands to grasp the puffy mounds of his Sisters boobs, and he kneaded
the firm flesh as his fingers worked her tight nipples and the dark, puffy
circles of her areolas again and again as Shelby purred happily, her head
moving steadily against his rigid erection as both of the kids climbed ever
closer to what this time would be a shared orgasm. Shelby was nearly crazy
with how amazing it felt having her Brother touch her tits and nipples this
way, and the sensation of his hardness under head excited her even more,
and she was totally aware of the seeping wetness between her legs as her
little pussy oozed out it's flow of sweet juices. Oh wow, she thought, oh
golly this feels so good, and I really my name lolita model wish that Robby's big thing wasn't
stuck inside his shorts so I could just kind of turn my head,
and...well...look at it, and maybe even lick it...suck it, like those
online girls always do in pictures. I bet Robby would really, really like
me doing that nude lolitas at play to him, and if he got all excited he might actually want
to...put it inside me...oh wow...I so want to know how that
feels...really...and for it to be my own big Brother doing it to me...oh,
golly! Robby felt his throbbing cock leaking freely, wetting his already slimed
shorts some more, and he swore he could actually smell Shelby's equal
excitement, and he wondered if her little slit was all soaking wet and
slippery like a lot of the stories he searched online said they got when
they were getting ready to fuck. Wow, he thought, I am actually thinking
about fucking my little Sister now...oh man, am I ever! As though all on
its own, one of Robby's hands slid downward, moving once more over Shelby's
smooth as silk tummy until his fingers slid under the elastic of her shorts
and came into contact with her wispy little panties. Her hips pushed back
at his exploring hand, and another low moan of pleasure came from her as he
slid his hand under the silky panties, and moved lower. He sensed the swell
of her pubic mound, and then the soft puffiness of her swollen pussy lips,
the snug slit that divided them wet, and juicy. He dug deeper, his palm
closing over the whole of her little sex, and he pressed down on it until
she mewed again, and then young teen loli toplist
he dipped his middle finger into her soft
wetness, the digit pushing into her soft, warm folds. She grunted in
pleasure, her narrow hips moving slowly as he fingered her, and her head
rolled a steady rhythm against his pulsing hardness, and When Robby located
her sensitive little clit, and began rubbing it, she went over the edge, a
powerful orgasm flooding over her as her Brother fingered her slick little
cunt and hard little clity. Right behind Shelby, Robby felt his aching balls draw up, and a powerful
spasm milked at his rigid cock, and a second offering pure petite lolita nudes
of his creamy
boy-honey flooded into his shorts as Shelby pressed her head firmly against
him until it had stopped pulsing. Robby wanted nothing more that to yank
off Shelby's little shorts and panties, and taste her juiciness, and then
plunge the whole of his cock into her slippery warmth, and candid lolita non nude
it required
every ounce of control he had left to not carry out the thought. Instead,
he forced himself to cool it, his eyes darting forward once more to
determine his parent's actions. Glancing first at his Dad, he was relieved
to see him still 14 years naked lolita staring straight ahead at the road, but as he rolled his
eyes toward his sleeping Mother, his heart leapt straight into his chest as
he met her smiling gaze looking directly at him over the seat-back! Oh
shit, shit, shit, he flashed, we are SO busted... and fuck...I am SO dead!(Story Continues)
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